So, once again I’ve been scouring the web for great ideas but for once, it’s not all about babies and kids. This time I’m all over gift ideas for mother’s day.  My mum is one of those BLOODY HARD TO BUY FOR MUMs and again this year, she’ll be getting a bottle of Oscar and some mud crabs.  It sounds good but really, one cancels out the other.  So where do I recommend shopping for presents for your dear old mum?

Brisbane Kids Guide to Gift Ideas for Mum

Ok, so if you’re not in Brisbane, some of these will be a waste of your time but I love love love the idea of sending mum and dad on a foodie cruise for their anniversary and I dig a chocolate buffet high tea too!

Lexi and Lily for mum’s to be and new mums

Lexy and Lily is a lovely little site for all things baby, but their selection of mum to be gifts is lovely too.  Something nice if you’re buying for a mum who is doing the best job of all, making a baby!

Gift Lounge Women’s Gifts

The Gift Lounge is where I got my hubby’s last gift and it was really well made and quite lovely so I took a look at their stuff for women and there’s plenty of nice things to choose from.  I really love the funky apron and the necklaces are really lovely too.

Sticky Bellies from Bump N Baby

So, these are stickers that you put on your bump that tell the world how far you’re along.  I love love love the concept although, I think I looked ready to pop a few weeks into my pregnancy….

Handstamped Jewellery by Indillee Designs

OK, this has got to be the ultimate mum gift.  All the kids names, hand stamped into a piece of silver, all delicate and pretty and whatnot.  I totally totally want one of these.  Alas, my husband will no doubt get me the same-same gift this mother’s day…nevermind, it’s the lack of thought that counts 😉

Gift ideas for mum on mother's day


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