Miniature doll food

OMG these are tiny tiny tiny little plates of food for Barbie, Polly Pocket, Strawberry Shorcake and sundry tea party guests to eat.  What makes them all kinds of awesome is the detail, they’re amazing!  Loving the snacks and sushi and the roast – not to mention teeny tiny cutting boards and cutlery!

Awesome doll house food by Wild Sage



Organic Baby Snacks Delivered to My Door!

So, I am a bit of an uptight mama when it comes to baby snacks and my skeptical eyebrow arches every time I see “organic” products at Woolies or Coles.  The problem with that is, you have to make the special trip to the special shop and pay the special price for organic baby foods.  There are tons of organic food places online but this one specialises in baby snacks and rice puddings and the like!

organic baby snacks



Aussie Gifts for Aussie Blokes!

So, Mr Baby Stuff is a total pain in the nappy to buy for.  It was his 39th birthday this week and I have been weeping trying to pick something.  He’s not the average bloke.  He wears cufflinks.  His watch is very posh.  He doesn’t like me to iron his shirts because I’m not great at ironing (can you hear me crying a river there!) and I’ve bought him all the nice belts, cufflinks, wallets and bags that he’ll ever need. This is what happens after ten years of marriage, you run out of gift ideas.  So, I got him this:

gifts for men


And who knew it would be EXACTLY what he wanted.  They also have stuff for kids and mums and babies and whatnot, all Australian made (or mostly Australian made I think anyway) and very nice 🙂


Freaking Awesome Baby Feeding Products Called Fun Bites

These are hard to explain except that Miss 3 will now ONLY eat sandwiches (hooray, was getting a bit sick of the carrot only diet we had last week) and ONLY eat sandwiches cut into itsy bitsy tiny hearts.  Random huh?  BUT, the all important thing is the shape, not that mummy hid lettuce on there, not that it’s got no butter, not that it’s full of tuna…..it’s all about eating the heart – TOTAL WIN

Fun Bites baby feeding product


And Finally…..Boys PJs with trains on them.

Actually, technically that’s a lie,  I didn’t discover these this week, I just got around to buying them.  It’s getting colder so I could now justify buying something very very cute.  Mr 2 is train mad and he’s just as pleased with the purchase – in fact, it’s all he’ll wear to bed.  Whatever.  He goes to bed.  That’s all that I really care about 🙂

boys jarmies

Anyway, that’s my cool hunt for the week 🙂  Lots of amazing baby and kids things around at the moment.  Will have to exercise the old Visa card!




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