How and art store saved my life!

The rainy weather is great and I love having all my children indoors, bored out of their skulls.  Why is it that it always rains on school holidays anyway?  After a few days of cabin fever (and actual fevers thanks to an ill-advised trip to a play centre) I was forced to turn to the activity I suck the most at – craft.

There’s a reason I buy all my handmade products online, I can’t make them.  I suck.  I have no artistic crafty talent whatsoever.  So, I buy handmade baby products online but that doesn’t help when it comes to art projects.

Miss 6 loves making stuff and is actually pretty good (maybe the milk man’s genes because my hubby and I certainly didn’t give her any artistic gifts) and after enough rain to float an ark, she turned to me and said those words I dread to hear “mummy, let’s make something”.

Holy Crappola Artwork

So I sat there through a TORTUOUS art session where I stuck sparkly crap to paper and tried to stop my toddler from eating glue.  Miss 6 made a fabulously pink thing.  I made a mess basically.  So, I decided that I would be prepared for next time.  And Google was my weapon!

The Art Store that saved my life.

So I started googling art supplies online (as I didn’t even know where an art store was) and got digging.  I found a whole lot of confusing stuff.  Little tweezer things and approximately 4500000 kinds of glue.  Crappola. And then it dawned on me, there must be a short cut through all this – and that was when an art store saved my life. The shop in question (www.smartyarty.com.au) creates all the arty stuff, prints it up, includes all the bits of fluffy stuff and bendy stuff and carboard and whatnot and packages it up and sends it to my house.  I simply open it and hand it to miss six so her imagination can deal with it, no my lack of craft skill!

I was reminded of a quote by Pablo Picasso:

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” 

That right there is my first world problem…never mind, in the absence of talent, I have an art shop online.

The result?

Magical Fiaries




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