If you have a young bub you know they like to put everything in their mouths and mum’s good jewellery is no exception.  Not only do they chew it to bits and make it soaking wet they also pull it apart.  I learnt the hard way with my first baby – I lost a lot of necklaces.

With bub number two I was so excited to discover MummaBubba Jewellery. It is essentially chewable jewellery for mum…but even better it doesn’t look like a teething product it looks like normal everyday jewellery so it can be worn without anyone knowing its secret purpose.

I loved them the moment I saw them as a gorgeous durable necklace for me…but I was surprised just how much my daughter loved it. It had the same effect on other babies too. Every baby (a lot when you are in a mother’s group of ten) that I picked up went for it, popped it in their mouth and stayed happily chewing and playing with it.

It comes in a large variety of colours and several styles so even though my whole Mothers Group own them we are never wearing the same colours.

It is a great gift for new mums and of all the baby stuff I have found this to be the most appreciated baby shower gift.

That’s gushy isn’t it, but honestly I can’t rave enough about them 🙂


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