As a Mum, one of the things I am most passionate about is the use of a Baby Comforter.  Did you know that if you don’t introduce a baby comforter of your choice your baby will choose their own comforter?  If they choose their own comforter it may be:

* Unsafe – A fluffy toy is unsuitable because they can pull the fluff off and swallow it, the stuffing can come out and also pose a chocking hazard, or the eyes could come off which is dangerous also.

* Inconvenient – If you baby chooses the cot bars as their comforter, you can imagine the problems this poses if you need them to sleep somewhere else.

* Hard to replace – There is nothing more traumatic for a child than if their treasured comforter is lost or destroyed and cannot be replaced.

If you introduce a SAFE & EASILY REPLACEABLE comforter to your child at a young age you will make life for yourself and them much easier.

So here are my top 5 tips for using a comforter for your baby:

1. Do your research and choose a specifically designed comforter.  I recommend a Cuski Baby Comforter or a Save Our Sleep Comforter.  These are quite different in design depending on your taste, but both are designed to be safe for your baby, absorb smells well, and are easily washed in the washing machine. They are also very affordable.

2. Buy at least 2 of the comforters, and before giving them to your baby wash them as per the instructions, then hold them against your skin (even overnight if possible).

3. A comforter is an aid to sleep. So only give it to your baby at nap and sleep times, never to play with. This creates the right association – that the comforter is not a toy, it is a sign to settle and sleep.

4. If you have more than one child, choose different colours of comforters for them to save confusion (both for them and yourself).

5. Be consistent and persistent in giving the comforter to your child, it does take time to build up the association, but once it is there you will easily see the benefits to your child.

I hope these tips help you in your decision to introduce a comforter to your baby!

© Monique Nickalls BSc (hons) Dip Prof Couns JP (Qual)

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