OMG I just cannot get enough of really beautiful handmade baby clothes.  I recently bought some personalised baby gifts for a friend having her first child.  I was struck by how much beauty and meaning is added to a product just by personalising it for a child.  I also picked her up  handmade booties and a little handmade bonnet.  They were knitted beautifully in lovely, soft blue wool (phew it was a boy – I totally picked it) and you could tell just by touching it the love and care that had gone into the gift.  Every little detail was carefully considered and I imagined a mum, up late after the kids had gone to bed, carefully knitting, adding a careful detail and little feature here and there to make it a one of a kind stand out baby gift.

Handmade and personalised baby gifts give the gift of REAL MEANING

That’s the kind of baby gift that gets put in the “to keep” heirloom box.  Either kept precious for the sibling that mum is dreaming of, or for when this tiny baby has tiny babies of his own.  And that is what makes a handmade or personalised gift different.  It doesn’t just represent practical, it represents hopes and dreams and new life and next life….

I was so struck by this idea that a tear came to my eye and I vowed to never again give a gift that means “underpaid worker in third world sweatshop” or one that means “pretentious design by fake designer name with over paid CEO” – after all its the thought that counts.




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