The Story of my New Floor Mat!

So, floor mats….who knew just how much I’d one day need them! If I have but one regret….it’s carpet –  parenthood and carpet are just so incompatible.  I recently stumbled on a site that sells these hosable, durable, toddler boy proof floor mats.  They catch all the food and mud and crayons and god knows what off the dog and everything else colonising my rather expensive wall-to-wall and then you pick it up, chuck it on the lawn and hose the germ fest away.  What’s better, they’re not the nasty plastic mats you find at dodgy stores, they’re rather nice and a little bit posh.

Educational Floor Mats

At first I was a bit dumb and didn’t realise what was going on.  I thought they were all just really funky and bright and awesome and nothing like what I’ve seen at Rugs-a-Whatever but then I realised that there was a bit of a theme going.  They’ve all got images from Indigenous artists from around the Pacific or something else “global” about them.  Very cool.  So they’re good for just about everything from baby playmats  to gifts for Kiwis living in Australia, and let’s face it we all know a few!

Anyway, this is what’s saving my carpet from stains and my family from god only knows what is breeding in my carpet!  How awesome are the colours

My new floor mat from Recycled Mats

Floor mats with bright indigenous designs from Recycled Mats.

How awesome are the colours in my new floor mat?


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