OK, so I’m always stuck for things to do in Brisbane with kids…. and I always hear about great things my friends have done AFTER they happen.  So anyway, Brisbane Kids….it’s the quickest, easiest way to find out what’s on in Brisbane on the weekend or for school holiday activities.

Why Brisbane Kids Website?

I got in trouble a while back for slagging the inauthentic ways of one large kids site so I am going to tread carefully – there is nothing more frustrating than people who deliberately don’t get the point…. Anyway, a few of these kids websites have popped up lately and I tried them all out….

Kids Website A is just spread too thin…..there’s not enough information and it’s got a “hurried” feel about it.

Kids Website B is national and just doesn’t have local enough information – I am just not keen to sift through stuff about the southside when I live on the north, there’s no way I’m driving to Logan to go to a park…..

Kids Website C is a newcomer and it’s extremely ambitious and clearly well funded.  The problem is, I had to scroll down 90 something pages of events….it’s too overwhelming, and too time consuming… It took me about ten minutes before I gave up and Googled.

So, Brisbane Kids is the baby bear from Goldilocks…. Not too full on, not slapped together, very Brisbane-centric and in short, just right….

And now for a first world problem for mums of Brisbane Kids….

Now I don’t know which to do.  There’s tons on every weekend from now until the end of school holidays and I am sure more will be loaded…  I’m lucky that there is so many things to do in Brisbane with kids, I am sure that there are plenty of mums in regional Queensland wishing they had my problem!


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