Mida Boys Clothes

OMG Mida Boys Clothes!  What can I say.  I am so so so sick of the same old rubbish – so sick of the same blue shirts with ugly trucks.  So sick of the same jeans and pants.  So sick of shopping for my boys clothing.  Mida does really awesome, soft boys jeans, funky boys clothes online, cool designs in cool colours and tons of really different and unique and out there stuff.  So refreshing…..

Soft boys jeans

First they’re cool, they’re that lovely dark blue colour with awesome little edges in trains and other themes but they’re also the softest pair of jeans you’ll ever find.  They’re as soft as T-shirt cotton but they’re as tough as real jeans so little boys can do their very best to trash them but they just won’t get trashed.  My son LIVES in these all winter, spring and autumn – and if we weren’t in bloody red-hot Brisbane, they’d be good for summer too.  They still look brand new even though a three year old has been trashing them all year.

Funky Boys Shirts

When was it not OK for boys clothes to be cute?  Who said that boys shirts needed to be ugly checks or nasty looking trucks?  Tightly knitted and thick for winter warmth, with a funky motif, from an out-of-the-ordinary owl to an awesome little truck – totally cool, not totally boring.  And here’s the thing, these are technically boys pyjamas but they’re so well made and so adorable that I won’t let him sleep in them, they’re our… OH MY GOD THAT’S SO CUTE outfit!

Boys Shorts

Funky, practical and so comfortable.  Boys shorts are the staple in our house and my boy won’t wear anything that annoys him.  No synthetic rubbish but also no flimsy cotton that rides up – it’s all about comfort for him and durability and cuteness for me.  These are just about the only boys shorts we can agree on!

Boys Pyjamas

Boys Clothes | Boys Pyjamas | Boys Clothes Online

Too good to wear to bed! Mida pyjamas are so cute, so well made and so unusual that my son wears them out and about, they’re good for bed too…

OK so these funky stripy tights are boys pyjamas.  I am not sure if the people at Mida realise that it’s so hard to find funky stuff that their PJs never get warn to bed.  My son wears these all winter and to kindy, grandma’s the shops….and also to bed.  They’re extra thick and warm, extremely well made, soft and generous in size – so they’re super comfy and snuggly.

Mida does the kind of boys clothes that should be featured in department stores like Myer or designer kids boutiques but aren’t – because everyone is so obsessed with the same-same blue truck motifs.  I love Mida boys clothes, such a nice alternative!


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