Cool Hunting For Baby Products with Angela!


Finlee and Me is all about cool hunting for totally unique baby products.  Angela sources unusual, find-it-nowhere-else stuff from all over the world and sells it affordably on her baby products site, Finlee and Me.

Baby Bath Products 

Unique baby bath products are all about getting your toddler to stop the tantrums and start getting excited about bath time.  Finlee and Me sources stuff that is both fun to play with and a godsend for mums at bath time!  Shower caps, bath toys….anything that will ease the bath-time drama!

Breastfeeding Covers

Not every woman feels comfortable breastfeeding in public, especially if being ogled by strangers or if your dad is in the room!  Breastfeeding covers are a great way to get out of the ladies room without putting it all out there.  Finlee and Me have sourced a unique cooler design for nursing mums!

Kids Backpacks

There’s nothing like the first day of childcare, kindy, prep or school to rattle a little one.  Finlee and Me have sourced some amazingly cute “friends” to give comfort to your little one, on their big day!

Kids backpacks and baby products

A cute little friend to help your child through a big first day!

Kids Wheat Bags

Kids wheat bags are a god send when your little one is sick…and when you’re suffering back pain, cramps or even just a cold bed!  The whole family needs a wheat bag, but these kids designs make them extra special when your little one is sick in bed.

Baby Products for learning

Check out all the educational toys and learning aids designed to help babies, toddlers and kids reach their full potential and make those important developmental milestones.  From black and white flash cards for newborn eyes to good manners wall cards for terrible twos, there’s something fun to help development on the site.






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